13th August 2022 

Counselling is...

A conversation with a trained counsellor (who you will see at the same time every week), who is committed to being alongside you. The counsellor will not tell you what to do, but through your time together will help you unpick things and make the right decisions for yourself.

Sometimes counselling can be quite quick, at other times it can be a slow and painful process. This means that the quality of the person alongside you is all important. There are many different forms of counselling. Research shows that many of them can be effective, but it also shows that the most significant factor in a successful outcome is the quality of the relationship between counsellor and client.

At TCS we are committed to a 'Person Centred Approach' (also known as Client Centred Therapy or Rogerian). Based on the work of Carl Rogers it recognises that the client has within them all that is necessary to make the best decisions for themselves. We are skilled in helping you do that.

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