13th August 2022 

Individual Counselling

The overwhelming majority of our work is what is known as 'one-to-one'. You meet with the same counsellor each week. Usually for an hour at a time and usually at the same time.

When you first make contact with us you will be offered an initial appointment (IA) straight away on the telephone. We aim to see everyone within 10 working days for this IA. This meeting allows us to get a sense of you and the issues which have brought you to counselling. You will then be allocated to an appropriate counsellor. With our team of counsellors we have a broad range to choose from, so by coming to TCS you are not coming to something which is 'second best'; indeed many of our clients come because they have heard of our reputaion and choose to come to TCS and pay a commercial rate. This allows us to offer a service to almost all who come.