13th August 2022 

Privacy Notice

GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation)
Privacy Notice

We do not maintain mailing lists or other data for marketing purposes.

We believe in keeping the very minimum of data on those who use the service.
We maintain a list (hard copy & on computer) of clients. We also retain a copy of a note made of the initial appointment. This contains personal and other material which you disclosed to us during the initial appointment and information gleaned from that which will help us allocate you to an appropriate therapist. In addition we keep a record of appointments.

Short of a Court Order, No material is shared outside of the service, without the direct permission of the client. The client is welcome to request a copy of the information we hold at any time. Our records, apart from an extract of name, phone number and statistical information are destroyed after 7 years of a client completing their work with us.
25th May 2018